Sunday, March 28, 2010

full plate

now that spring is here, i am trying to ready the ground, start my veggies in cold frames, prep the ground for the asparagus, grapes, orchard extension and repair the roads and outbuildings. the winter was vicious and there is a massive amount to do. we have found 6-8 previously undiscovered apple trees while hiking and hunting this winter as well as several naturalized blueberries and sweet cherry trees. when the plants start coming in earnest, the search for edible and medicinal wild plants will be productive and fun. this is my favorite time of year. to watch people going about there lives with no viable plan for feeding themselves seems so tragic. the ministrey of truth must be really effective at keeping everyone sleepwalking because only amounst the people living in the mountains do i here and sense the coming storm. I guess that should not suprise me because rural people have infinitly more common sense and they vagely understand that a major change is coming. not so with the sophisticated city types. Within 24 months, even the ministry of truth will choke on it's own words and by then.....

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